TCR Three Cities Research, Inc.

  Three Cities Research, Inc.  
        Three Cities Research, Inc.  


Finn is a manufacturer of specialty equipment and supplies for the environmental, erosion control, landscape and landfill industries.

Headquarters: Fairfield, Ohio
Primary TCR contact: Christopher Erickson
Investment made: 1998


Parallel Products

Parallel Products provides secure destruction and ethanol recycling of unsaleable products and waste streams in the beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and health and beauty industries across the U.S.

Headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky
Primary TCR contact: Jason Stein
Investment made: 2003


Bluefish Holdings, LLC

Bluefish Holdings LLC, through its subsidiaries, owns and operates a common carrier jet fuel pipeline system that transports jet fuel from a fuel farm to Albuquerque International Sunport Airport.

Headquarters: Houston, Texas
Primary TCR contact: John Degenstein
Investment made: 2013

Bluefish Holdings


Agrileum is a multi-feedstock biodiesel producer and collector of used cooking oil for the food service industry.

Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee
Primary TCR contact: Christian Schwarz
Investment made: 2013

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